Standard Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms

  • A deposit of 70% is payable upon signed acceptance of quotation, 20% on installation, final 10% and any other applicable charges are due within 48 hrs after completion.
  • There will be a 2.5% surcharge made on all cash deposits.
  • Products and/or installation service below R12,000 are to be paid in full on confirmation of your acceptance of the quote.
  • No payments will be subject to a draw from your financial institution, approval by an architect, other professionals, an occupation certificate from Local Council or for any other reason whatsoever unless agreed to in writing by both parties on acceptance of this agreement.
  • A 70% Deposit may also be required on any and all additional work required after this quotation is accepted.
  • Unless expressly agreed otherwise all invoices are due and payable within 48 hours of completion. Should payment not be received within the 48 hour lead time, work will stop immediately until payment reflects.
  • No retention, nor penalties, will be accepted.
  • Final payment is due on practical completion (The stage of completion where the works or a section thereof is substantially complete and can effectively be used for the purposes intended). All our work is guaranteed and any snags will fall under the guarantee.
  • If you don't pay on time, we can cancel our contract or suspend delivery or installation, until you have paid the outstanding amounts. Interest at our banker's prime lending rate will be charged on late payment from date of default until paid in full. No Guarantees will be applicable unless all monies are paid in full.
  • All products manufactured, delivered and/or installed shall remain, in total, the sole property of Spectrum Glass until paid for in full.

Acceptance of Quote

  • Our Standard Terms and Conditions will apply once we received a deposit.
  • All quotations are compiled based upon the information and specifications provided by yourself (or your professional consultants)
  • Notwithstanding the terms of an accepted quotation, should the information, specification or any other relevant factors leading to a quotation be materially altered at any time, Spectrum Glass may include the costs and fees related to such alteration in its interim and final invoices.
  • The client confirms that they have read all above conditions, and have accepted such. This quote remains valid for 30 working days, thereafter may then become subject to material price increases.

Product Size and Aperture Preparation

  • The quotation is based upon the sizes of product quoted, and the preparation of apertures is the responsibility of the Client.
  • The apertures of the building will be pre-measured before manufacturing commences.
  • The units ordered herein are made to measure and once units have been manufactured, it cannot be cancelled or varied in any manner whatsoever. Should changes be required, the Client undertakes to pay for all costs already incurred by Spectrum Glass in the execution of this order whether fully or partially completed.
  • Whilst every endeavour is made to ensure the accuracy of our quotations we accept no liability for errors or omissions which may be found to have occurred. The Client is advised to carefully study the quotation to establish the accuracy thereof.
  • Any changes to the quote will be in writing, No verbal changes to the quote will be accepted and if so, Spectrum Glass will not be held responsible for any errors.

Scratches and Blemishes

  • The scratch and blemish inspection should be viewed at a distance of 3 metres under normal lighting conditions. Normal lighting conditions shall mean "reasonable lighting conditions under which the product is normally viewed".
  • Scratches in aluminium are defines as being a mark on the aluminium surface which penetrates the anodised or painted surface thereby exposing the natural metal. If visible when viewed from a distance of 3 metres under the lighting conditions described, the product/s may be rejected.
  • Blemishes in aluminium are defined as flaws/stains or runs, or any other indication that mars the aesthetic appearance of the aluminium. If visible when viewed from a distance of 3 metres under the lighting conditions described, the product/s may be rejected.

Manufacturing / Lead Times

  • A lead time of +- 15 working days from date of deposit received is to be allowed for the manufacture of standard items/colours of stock. Special items or colours could take longer, or as advised by Spectrum Glass.
  • This quotation is subject to the express condition that Spectrum Glass shall in no way be liable for any consequential loss, damage or delay to the customer arising from an Act of God, Act of State, breakdown of equipment, labour dispute, war, riot civil commotion, transport delay or any other causes beyond the control of Spectrum Glass.


  • Goods delivered with protection will be deemed to be in good condition.
  • The risk in and to the goods sold and delivered by Spectrum Glass to the Client shall pass to the Client upon delivery.
  • Once goods are delivered Spectrum Glass accepts no liability should damage occur. Spectrum Glass will not be responsible for any loss, theft or damage to existing property or personnel injuries.


  • Should site conditions delay installation, Spectrum Glass reserves the right to be compensated for any additional expenses which may be incurred. If our installation teams are required to work according to Clients time schedule, "split installations" a new installation date will have to be rescheduled. All outstanding monies to be settled immediately.
  • Should our site commencement date exceed 2 months from date of appointment, we reserve the right to amend the glass & aluminium prices according to any increases received from our suppliers.
  • Duration of installation will vary depending on the status of the building once work commences.
  • After hours and weekend installation will be charged additional if Client insists installation to proceed after hours.
  • We will take care when installing our products, we will not be liable for damage caused to your property in the process, unless caused wilfully. For example;
  • Tiles almost certainly will break,
  • Plaster will be damaged while removing existing windows & doors.
  • Dust will be present and is unavoidable while working.
  • It is difficult to work over/ between plant beds and not damage any plants.
  • Spectrum Glass will not guarantee waterproofing for any Sliding door or Vista fold tracks being put "on top of tiles".
  • We will not be held responsible for floors that are not level. Any adjustments or cutting of doors will be for Clients account.
  • Spectrum Glass will supply access ladders up to 2.5m. Access equipment (scaffolding, hoists, etc.), would be an extra if required.
  • The appointment of a safety representative and safety files are excluded from this quote.
  • Client has the choice to leave protection on and clean himself or to ask us to clean while we are on site. Any call outs for cleaning and removal of protection will be charged for.
  • Whilst we will endeavour to meet the required installation date, such date shall not constitute a material term of this contract and any failure to adhere to such proposed date shall not entitle the Client to cancel this contract or to relieve him from his strict performance of all his obligations.
  • Once your project is complete, you will be notified and we require that you inform us of any concerns or snags within 48 hours, or we will assume you are 100% satisfied.


  • This quote excludes all or any building, plastering, painting, tile work and sealing.
  • Sealing of windows and doors can be arranged at an additional cost.
  • We can arrange removal of waste material from the site, at additional cost to you.
  • This quotation specifically excludes sandblasting, night-latches, cabin hooks, burglar bars, weather strips or any special ironmongery unless so specified in writing.
  • Flush bolts do not fall under our guarantee. If broken flush bolts are assessed to have been damaged due to mishandling, they will be charged for.

Glazing Certificate and Compliance

  • Glazing to be carried out as per SAGGA regulations. All glass to be clear and standard unless specified otherwise.
  • Please be aware that your architect or other legally recognized appointee is responsible for ensuring that the energy efficiency requirements in SANS 10400 part XA are complied with.
  • Glazing certificates will only be issued once final payment has been received.

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time in our sole discretion. In the event of any violation of these Terms and Conditions, we reserve the right to seek any and all remedies available, whether by law or in equity.


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